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Axellience Digital Architecture Factory

De l'analyse approfondie de l'expérience client à son amélioration, par la transformation de l'architecture métier et et des composants du système d'information

Notre mission est de proposer aux architectes métier et SI une panoplie collaborative et innovante d'outils SaaS intégrés, pour relever avec agilité les défis de la transformation digitale et l'ancrer autour de la valeur perçue par les clients. Nous sommes heureux de voir monter l'enthousiasme de nos clients - plus de 500 - et de nos partenaires autour de la solution Axellience Architecture Factory


Cognic in France

Cognic Systems Private Ltd. ( is a fast-growing technology startup and preferred partner for consulting, outsourcing, and technology services. Incorporated in 2011, The Company is led by highly experienced professionals from fortune 15 Information Technology and Consulting companies


Xemplar Insights, LLC

Xemplar Insights en Europe
- France - Essonne

10GITALconseil est le partenaire en Europe de l'Editeur de logiciel Xemplar Insights.

  • Xemplar solutions are designed to provide simple yet powerful features - to curb unsafe driving habits and offer auto insurers with new data to analyze the health of the book and to predict losses with real evidence of risks taken by the insured.

  • Our solutions are highly configurable and customizable to suit every Insurance carrier’s appetite and objectives. With teams located in the United States and India, Xemplar Insights can support any global Insurer to transform how they manage risk in the Auto line of business.

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